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Open Call Radio

In a transmutation process essential to any medium of communication, we are witnessing the natural advent of increasingly rapid and immediate media, as a consequence of the growing appreciation and omnipresence of the image in today's society. Thus, radio has been reformulating, whether in its traditional environment - FM - or through the digital platforms that have allowed new approaches and values.
New models have found their place, as in the case of digital platforms, where, without the airtime constraints , one can go beyond pre-established products, with innovative content to challenge our ears.

In fact, today’s radio transpires more creative freedom, even in FM itself, as we can see in the existing alternative content production, without editorial restrictions and where the word, for instance, still has its place. In some cases it is also a place for experimentation, a task that is often dependent on good will and ability to overcome obstacles. Thus independent projects of community radios, of artistic creation or sound recollection are also emerging and surviving.

Encontrarte Amares radio thus calls for the submission of radio pieces with creative and experimental features. As in previous editions, the show will be broadcast in the physical space of the festival and live streaming. In addition to offering complete freedom to create these objects, the trustees encourage the approach to the set of themes of this year's edition - Transformation / Movement / Transpiration / Transit.

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