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The 2017 edition offers a decentralization of the spaces where Encontrarte will take place.. 

To this end, alternative spaces were identified outside the conventional circuit, settling through them, strong relationships with the landscape and the architectural character of the place, aiming to establish a more intimate relationship between the audience and the natural landscape.

Thus, besides the already usual spaces of artistic shows such as Casa da Botica, the Red Cross House, the Auditorium Conde Ferreira, the Municipal Library Francisco Sá de Miranda and the Brick House, the 2015 edition  will also take place in the following spaces: 

Stage 1 - Stairway adjacent to the Library (projection space and outdoor cinema)

Stage 2 - Public Tanks (space located between cultivation grounds   and animal areas, where the presence of water and the intimate scale, can serve as scenario to small concerts, theater or performance) 

Stage 3 - Pool of Amares (space dedicated to music projects, performance and recreational diving) 

Stage 4 - Nossa Senhora da Paz (space located at the top of the hill, framing the village of Amares and a typical green wealth of this territory, which will be the background for musical and theater projects) 

Stage 5 - Quarry of Nossa Senhora da Paz (area of high visual richness, where it can be developed larger scale projects in a confluence of disciplines: theater, light and sound installation, music, performance, etc ...). 

Stage 6 - Figueiredo island (space at the Cávado river, where sand, water and a green cloak characterizes the landscape, a perfect place to cool off and rest)

 Stage 7 - Mr. Cunha Tasco - eating house or cellar space as typical as one can imagine. The fried cod, the local bread, the Rojões, the green wine served in a bowl and a good concert to follow ...